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SLS or XLS? Which one is right for you. 

Honestly if your budget can afford it and you plan to investigate a lot, we suggest the XLS. The V2 sensor is just a more sophisticated sensor by comparison to the V1 used in the SLS. The XLS maps in 3D as well as 2D, where the SLS only maps in 2D. The 3D eliminates almost ALL false positives that you can get with the SLS. The software for the SLS is really basic and user friendly as well as the screen recording software. The XLS software has plenty more features but can be a little more complicated. There is an instructional video loaded onto the XLS tablet when shipped. Compare the specs below to decide what's right for you and your team. Email if you have any more questions. 


Physical Differences

                            SLS                           XLS

Sensor used:      Kinect 360 (V1)       Kinect One V2

Weight:                 2 lbs                         4 lbs 

Dimensions:   8.5 W x 6.5 D x 3 H      10.5 x 6.5 D x 3 H

Sensor Battery:      3000 mah                6800 mah

Case size:             2800 cubic in.          3800 cubic in.             


Performance Differences

                       SLS                        XLS

Resolution:    Color Camera        Color Camera

              640x480 @ 30 fps   1920x1080 @ 30 fps

                 Depth Camera       Depth Camera

                  320x 240              512x424

Distance:       15ft Max              15ft Max

Joints Defined:    20                      26

USB:                2.0                        3.0

Field of View:    Horizontal          Horizontal

                         57*                   70*

                      Vertical                Vertical

                         43*                    60*

 2 D Mapping:      2 figures           6 figures

 3D Mapping:     N/A                  6 figures                       


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