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Scott and Kimberly Horn (founding members)

Meet the team


Kim has always been a sensitive and exhibited abilities from an early age. However it was after having a near death experience when she was 15, that truly opened up her other abilities. She has done tarot and other types of spiritual connecting since the age of 20 (32 plus years of experience) yet she prefers to rely on her senses for investigating. She has always been fascinated with the unknown searching for answers. Kim loves the validation of catching real evidence during our investigations. Scott has always been the skeptic of the Paranormal. With a work background in management and quality control for a company that produced military grade electrical components, the technical side of investigations is Scott's motivation for R&D. In 2013 we started investigating all across the US and we haven't stopped since. Scott and Kim design and build products to help and aid in our investigations as well as offering to the general public.

Bill Tulko

Scott Horn


Born and raised in North Jersey, Bill is a retired US Marine who served from 1985-1993. He is also a retired Florida Police Officer as well as Narcotics Detective from 1990-2009. Bill is an avid sports fan as well as a motorcycle lover. Bill enjoys side x side riding in the Black Hills of SD with the team. Bill has been a fan of the paranormal for sometime, however he is just getting started into the real world of investigating. Bill will be a huge asset to the team with his critical thinking and ability to view things subjectly.

Horn Paranormal Researchers

Horn Paranormal is a family owned business founded by paranormal investigators Scott and Kimberly Horn. Our mission is to provide quality paranormal research equipment that is unique and affordable.

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